My unique perspective on dating

I have a very unique perspective on dating, and it has been chronicled both in my book and my numerous media appearances. Despite my nontraditional view on relationships, I feel that there are universal principles that can be your guide to a happy dating life, no matter what your goals are. I plan on sharing my stories, theories and photos of my international playboy lifestyle in this blog, but for my first entry, I wanted to list my top five keys to make dating exciting whether you are looking for casual or long-term relationships. I will expand on each principle in future entries so please subscribe to this blog.

1) Find partners in your life that complement your life without complicating it.

2) True love combines the elements of mutual respect, trust, communication and friendship, and it applies to all of your relationships in life.

3) You should define your idea of a happy relationship. We live in a world of nontraditional relationships so as long as you are open and honest with each other then what your family, friends or society says does not matter.

4) This weekend, the highly anticipated film, 50 Shades of Grey, just released. This movie perfectly illustrates my long-held belief that women need security, but they crave excitement. If you are open-minded and adventurous, then you will discover the key to a world of fantasy.

5) Being alone does not mean being lonely. Not everyone is built to be in a serious relationship. If you are happier being single, do not let anyone pressure you into feeling you need somebody in your life to feel complete.

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