Cruising Into Summer: 5 Reasons to Take a Cruise This Summer

Summer is near, and the season of fun for most people means great times are ahead. Here is a suggestion for a sunny escape this summer…go on a cruise! I just came back from a boat on the Pacific, and it reminded me that nothing compares to a week of luxury on the waters. 

Here are some highlights for your next ocean excursion…

1) Cruises are amazingly cheap so if you book a few months ahead you should be able to get a great deal for anywhere from 3 days and up. It is an excellent economic vacation that will soothe your soul without breaking your bank. The pictures will electrify your social media, and everyone will wish they were you for the week.

cruise library shawn valentino







2)  The food is unbelievable. Just imagine having access to a 24 hour international buffet. The best part on our Carnival Cruise was the Guy Fieri Burger joint. It felt like we were part of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives every day! It was one of the best cheeseburgers I ever had.






3) Then you have the incredible amenities on the ship. My favorite part was the water slide. Imagine standing atop a ladder ready to slide down a mammoth water slide while overlooking the ocean.





4) Inside the boat, you have incredible shows every night, and there is a nightclub, casino and numerous bars so it is like being in Vegas on the water.

cruise shawn valentino lobby








5) Of course, find a cruise that has some really cool spots. We went to Catalina Island, and we also went to Ensenada, Mexico, a sleepy small town on the coast. I highly suggest everyone make a trip to Catalina sometime. It is the Italian Riviera of America, just stunning.

cruise mexico 1cruise shawn valentino catalina 2





I hope all of you are ready for a spectacular summer, and if need a showstopping escape, a cruise may bring you magical memories that last a lifetime!





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