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Welcome to The Showstopper Lifestyle, a world where all your fantasies come true! My lifestyle is all about minimizing worries and maximizing life experiences and sharing my dreams with the world.

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1)  If you fantasize about traveling the world, I will share my tips and photos from the best places to visit around the globe. I have been to over sixty countries on six continents, and I will discuss the most beautiful landmarks, hidden gems, and best places to eat and stay no matter what your budget is. You can see the world through the eyes of The Showstopper. Remember, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” -St. Augustine

2) Movies have been an inspiration for me my whole life. I love everything from classic Hollywood Golden Age films to Bollywood spectaculars. I am also a fan of unintentionally funny bad movies to the best of modern cinema. Here, you can read my reviews of everything from It’s a Wonderful Life to Showgirls. After all, movies are not only an institution of escapism, but they should also be an inspiration for you to live out your own escapist experiences.

3) There is no more escapist form of entertainment than the wild and wacky world of professional wrestling. The larger than life characters of wrestling were my heroes as a child, and they influenced the flash and the confidence of my Showstopper persona. I have been to thirteen Wrestlemanias, and met nearly every top star of the past two decades, from Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold Steve Austin. I am also a columnist for the word’s top wrestling website, The Pro Wrestling Torch. Here, I will share my articles, reviews on major shows, and best of all, discuss my unique experiences of meeting the superstars up close and personal.

4) I have had a very unique dating life, and I have often been described as The International Playboy. That is not only because I’ve been a regular guest at the Playboy Mansion, but it is because I have dated hundreds of women from all over the world. My views on relationships have been featured on numerous television shows from The Tyra Banks Show to Dr. Phil. Here, I will share my unique philosophies on relationships that come from a very modern, practical perspective. Whether you want to enjoy the freedom of single life or the companionship of commitment, I will share my ideas on how to keep things fun and exciting. Remember that being alone does not mean being lonely, and your relationships should complement your life without complicating it.

5) Most importantly, The Showstopper Lifestyle is all about discovering your inner superhero and empowering yourself to live out your lucid dream. Hopefully, The Showstopper Lifestyle Blog will inspire you to travel the world, enhance your dating life and most importantly, develop the independent happiness and confidence that allows you to make all your fantasies come true.

-The Showstopper Shawn Valentino

The Showstopper Lifestyle

Are you tired of living the life you are supposed to be living instead of fulfilling the fantasies you truly desire? Do you fantasize about attracting beautiful women, travelling the world, and attaining the confidence and independence to live out your dreams? The Showstopper Lifestyle is designed to inspire people to maximize life experiences and minimize worries. Inspired by the ideologies of Hugh Hefner, it has been described as a Playboy Philosophy for the next generation. It teaches readers to be independently happy and confident with themselves. You will learn how to spend each moment doing what you want to do instead of merely what is expected of you. Much more than a manual for pickup artists, the book guides you through steps to become stronger as an individual while describing how to make all of your relationships flourish. Inside this Showstopping guide, you will learn how to make the world into your personal paradise. You will unlock the door to your inner confidence and independence happiness. You will recognize how to avoid becoming a prisoner of your own decisions. You will learn how to attract the beautiful women of your dreams. You will understand the keys to a successful relationship as well as what true love really is. You will find out how to explore the landmarks of your dreams by knowing how to travel the world on a limited budget. Most importantly, you will discover the superhero inside that will make all of your dreams a reality. Anybody can live the Showstopper Lifestyle, all it takes is an open mind, an adventurous spirit, and this book. Learn how to become a Showstopper and make all of your fantasies come true!

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Shawn Valentino is the Showstopper: a self-styled international playboy who believes he can unleash the ladykilling superhero inside all of us.

VICE’s Clive Martin travels to Amsterdam to meet the self-confessed womaniser, who laid out his mantra in the seminal romantic text, The Showstopper Lifestyle: The Man’s guide to Ultra-Hot Women, Unlimited Power, and Ultimate Freedom… That Women Should Read Too!

On a night out with Shawn in the city’s Red Light District, Clive attempts to learn the secrets of picking up women. Turns out all you really need are some massive sunglasses, a deep V, and an unswerving faith in weird advice.